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Warranty Conditions:
» 5 years for structure
» 2 years for electrical components

Glass, refractory, Seal Cord/tape:
– These components are not covered by warranty because they are overdesigned for use temperatures (700-800 °C) and/or their use is out of control by the manufacturer.
Flame baffle, Grate:
– Not covered by the warranty as they are subject to wear and use that is beyond the control of the Manufacturer (quality of firewood and operating regimes).

Conditions to activate the warranty:
1. The appliance must be within the time limits described above (the date from which the product was purchased will be considered as the start of the warranty period).
2. The complaint must be presented and validated by one of our agents and endorsed by ADF.
3. The installation, use and maintenance conditions described in this manual have been strictly respected and no misuse has occurred or changes or modifications to the product.

Technical Assistance

For questions regarding the operation of your equipment, please contact us via email